I am not a Dalek
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I am not a Dalek

Hi there! I’m Catie and this is my multifandom/personal blog. I am 22 and I am an actress and artist. I post pretty much the most random stuff here so I hope you enjoy it! Just so you know I am a Hufflepuff and a loyal servant to Loki. Though I am not much of a gamer, I do love Achievement Hunter and MindCrack. Speaking of games, I would be the first to die in the Hunger Games. Also speaking of games, Game of Thrones, yeah.... Anyway, I want to take a trip to Halloweentown and meet Jack then go off to Disney World and frolic with all the characters. I am Sherlocked and a wannabe NCIS special agent with a strong caffeine addiction. While I am all this I am hopelessly waiting for an adventure with The Doctor in the T.A.R.D.I.S. So yeah, that’s me! Also! I have a Youtube Channel! Feel free to check it out and subscribe! Youtube.com/aardvarkavenue


Tomorrow I should find out if/what role I got in the spring play. I REALLY want a certain role but I doubt I’ll get it. It seems like the director likes me so I hope I get cast for SOMETHING. Anything. I hate waiting. Makes me nervous and anxious. I want to do another play here. Doing Joined at the Head made me realize that I really like acting. I just hope I get another opportunity and I hope the cast is fun. The funny thing about casts is that you get so close within the short time you spend together. I like being a part of the theater. Its always a fun experience….. i dont know where i’m going with this. i guess i’m just scared. tomorrow is gonna be a long day filled with a lot of angst. 

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  1. signsandwonder said: My fingers are crossed! My prayers are being said! & positive thoughts being sent your way! I hope you get it to!!! btw please do theater & be amazing(even more amazing) so i can live vicariously through you! :p
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